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PSA: Old Man Wants to See Your Feet

Mmm does our big toe turn you on, Tarantino?

“Quentin Tarantino, star of my sexual nightmares” — Tina Fey

Ladies, you’d best listen up. There’s some creepy shit going down at the Barnard library right now.

These alarming tips just came in:

“Man in Barnard library just asked me to remove shoes so he could see my feet. What is going on, Bwog”

“There have been reports of a man coming into Barnard’s Lehman Library asking female students to take off their shoes so he can touch their feet.”

A source who works in the Barnard library confirms that they’ve received emails in the past to report the “weird creepy foreign man with a foot fetish.”

Obviously this would be happening during finals. If you’re foot-conscious or easily creeped out, might be best to head to a different library today.

Podiaphile via Wikimedia Commons

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Cripes, this guy just couldn’t toe the line, could he? Now we’re going to have to get some sort of security or something to bring him to heel. It’s a shame there are so many of these kinds of weirdos out there, I’d feel a lot better if he were the sole one.

    I’m sorry guys.

  • Andrew says:

    @Andrew That’s enough with the puns or we’ll have to give you the boot.

    1. 12/8/2013, says:

      @12/8/2013, the day where bwog and reddit threads finally became indistinguishable

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous the guy must be columbia-affiliated to get into the library, right? this is so weird.

    1. security says:

      @security at the Lehman library is minimalistic. Flash the doorperson a card and you’re in

      1. CC'16 says:

        @CC'16 or flash ’em your toes amirite ;-)

      2. Shah says:

        @Shah @security: I have had to show them my card (they examined it). So either the staff was discriminating against me for some reason (because I am a male?) or you are lying.

      3. ZZZzzzZZZ says:

        @ZZZzzzZZZ The security lady was sleeping when I walked into Barnard library this evening :’)

  • Let's be real says:

    @Let's be real It’s probably just Professor Epstein up to some new hi-jinks.

  • @Jenna Freedman A library staff member is looking into the issue and will alert public safety. We do require BC/CUID to get into the library. Affiliation with Columbia doesn’t guarantee a lack of creepiness, unfortunately.

    Personally I think showing your card to the desk attendant is more likely to verify that you are the person pictured on your ID than touching it to a reader.

    And finally, we are the Barnard Library, located in Lehman Hall. The Lehman Library is in SIPA. #sorepoint

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous As a person who works at BC Library, thank you for clarifying the Barnard v. Lehman Library question. Why doesn’t everyone know this?!?!

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous I mean, it is a little confusing if you only have a passing familiarity with either library

  • What says:

    @What in actual fuck?

  • BC '15 says:

    @BC '15 Jenna Freedman always there to save the day. #coolestlibrarianever #deservingofherownfanzine #guardianangelofWGSSmajors

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous This happened to me! I reported it to public safety and if it happens to you, please do the same. He is not old, looks like a “normal” student, so he catches you even more off-guard. Be careful.

  • I hope says:

    @I hope …someone stomps his balls into fruit leather.

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