Overseen: Creepy Edition

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Do you ever feel a sudden chill run up your spine late at night as you change into your jammies? Feel like someone is peering at you through the crack between your shade and the window frame? Wonder why the neighbors across the way seem to always have their window wide open?

Well, here’s why. Yes, we shit our pants when we saw this.

Update, 6:25 pm: A member of JJ9 has reached out to Bwog to inform us that the original photo was part of an ongoing conversation between Wallach and John Jay (he was sure to note that Wallach started it). From JJ9: “We love you Wallach! Sorry we look into your rooms.”

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  1. Anonymous  

    Is that the room directly across from 517 Hamilton?

  2. Anonymous  

    that is why i always put my blinds down when i crank it

  3. Creeped  

    I live in Wallach and I believe that this is the John Jay ninth floor lounge

  4. Anonymous  

    the first image from wallach and the wallach reply need to be switched
    --Bob Smith

  5. Anonymous


  6. Aria, Spencer, Hannah and Emily

    Ezra? Jason? Allie? Aaaaah.

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