Bears Can Eat At Columbia All They Want, Really

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Start up that grill, Wilma

Start up that grill, Wilma

Ever since the scary blossoming days of NSOP, a rumor has circulated around saying that Barnard students are only able to eat at Columbia dining halls 5 times a week. After a few days of eating Hewitt, any Barnard student could recognize that the once delicious pizza grows old, and the mysterious meat options never leave room for a damn piece of a plain chicken. Things felt dark. Life as Barnard girls knew it was over.

However, this myth is simply an DSpar old wives’ tale. One Bear can attest that she without a doubt eats at Columbia dining halls well over 5 times a week due to the convenience and general better food. Bwog finds it hard to believe that those mad swipers at the entrance of Ferris or John Jay would even take the time to tell someone they’ve maxed out their Columbia meals for the week. So, Barnard ladies: get on that Ferris pasta all day, every day (or 3 times a day if you’re on the freshwoman meal plan).

Another common question: Why are Barnard girls not allowed to eat at Columbia dining (JJ’s Place) after 8pm? Two Bears were told that they sadly couldn’t come in one Sunday night at 8:10pm. Luckily, one Bear’s persuasion skills got them through the doors to a burger, but beware of trying to go in past the 8pm cutoff. From what we’ve heard from Dining, this is spawned from an agreement between Hewitt and Columbia Dining that aims to balance the number of Lions visiting Hewitt with the number of Bears visiting Columbia’s dining halls, particularly between Thursday and Sunday. This policy is a little ambiguous, making us worried about future abuses.

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  1. um  

    this is really poorly written

  2. if only  

    barnard girls were as hot as dat pic

  3. omg  

    like why do we even care enough to write about this. i just wasted even more time writing this comment.

  4. stop  

    "girls" just stop. also people at CC and BC are dumb if my experiences in group projects these past 3 years are anything to go off of...

  5. Then why is Hewitt  

    still so goddamn crowded whenever I go

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