BREAKING: Fire on Broadway and 113th

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Bwog was just tipped that there is a manhole on fire on the corner of 113th and Broadway. As of now, the street is closed off. Residents along 113th street smell smoke, and firetrucks are on the scene.

We’ll update as we hear more.

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  1. Anonymous

    this reminds me of the spiderman movie

  2. Blunts in Butler  

    Shit must have dropped my J

  3. Anonymous  

    shit i hope the ninja turtles are ok

  4. anonty  

    I actually thought i left my stove on it smelled like gas so much, then the lights went out and all of a sudden I was on my knees with my roommates pushing his throbbing dick into my butt. I love college!

  5. Come on  

    How have you guys not deleted this comment yet. Ridiculous.

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