Live at Lerner: Charlyne Yi

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Charlyne Yi, she of House, Knocked Up, and Paper Heart fame, is coming to Columbia! In Live at Lerner’s first “evening” program of 2014, she’s speaking/making you laugh for two hours tonight at 8 in Lerner Party Space. In case you didn’t know (as if), she’s cool and hilarious and once hung out with Fred Armisen and Man Man. Also, she was possibly the only saving grace of season 8 of House. Her previous performances have included shaving her head while singing a Sinead O’Connor song and also this knock-knock joke, so like be there or be (a) square.

charlyne charlemagne haha ok

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  1. anon  

    Anyone know if her standup is really funny?

  2. Anonymous  

    When is the vshow west end preview review coming out

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