SGA: An Alliance Might Be a Good Idea

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Let's do this together

Let’s do this together

We really love keeping you up to date on all of the student government councils on campus. There’s ESC…CCSC…JCCC…SGA (obviously)…but wait, what about the other one? This Monday’s SGA meeting was all about one of the acronyms you probably don’t hear as much, GSSC, and how to change that. Bwogger and lover of abbreviations/GS Lauren Beltrone reports.

Hannah Germond, GSSC president, and Josh Dominic, GS student representative, both attended Monday’s meeting to discuss how to form more of a community between the four undergraduate college student councils. What’d they come up with? Soon there will be an informal get-together for all student representatives to mix and mingle, and actually maybe get to know each other. Hannah and Josh also proposed hosting career-building events for all students (not just student reps) to improve unity among the four undergraduate schools.

Other than brainstorming about GS, not much happened at the meeting. If you haven’t already heard, the roof of the Diana will soon be your playground, making the Diana hands-down the Swankiest Building on Campus. To further corroborate that claim, it’s worth noting that the Food Advisory Board probably will be installing a coffee cart (like the one at Joe) near/in Liz’s Place, so that one day it may be possible to grab a coffee in the 15 minute break between classes.

Since there’s nothing else to report, here’s a few reminders:

Don’t forget to fill out the Student Leadership Awards nomination form. This is your chance to wax poetic on why your friend/professor/favorite member of the administration is absolutely killin’ it and deserves to be recognized for improving the Barnard community.

Lastly, the class of 2015 will be hosting a Barnard Career Dinner on March 6th in the Diana Event Oval from 7 to 8:30pm. Unlike your regular old career dinner, this one will feature…your parents! That’s right, parents of students will be coming to share secrets of their professions with you (and maybe help you get employed while they’re at it).

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