“You’re In Bad Taste!” And Other Information From the Best End Preview

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Orgo Night previewed this past Tuesday night in a totally free event held on Low Steps, a clear spoof on the West End Preview. Bwog’s own #1 Band Fan Claire Friedman checked that out, reluctantly.

I wrapped a scarf around my neck and pulled on a hat, turning to tell my roommate that, “I just didn’t realize it would be outside when I signed up to cover it, okay?”

“Oh my God, it’s not even that cold outside, anyway,” she grumbled, wearing her patented “you’re a lazy bum” look.

I fired back with a fact about polar bears and made my way to Low Steps to watch the band’s Orgo Night Preview.

The collection of people surrounding Alma was motley at best, consisting mostly of supportive V-Show members and people who had been walking by but stopped to listen to where a joke about “Pupin” could possibly be going (hint: it went exactly where you think it did). Although small in number, the audience definitely brought the energy; a joke about Jesus garnered shouts of “too soon!” from the crowd and a rendition of “Sweet Child of Mine” prompted several V-Show cast members to break out in dance. But, then again, maybe they were just dancing to keep warm.

Although the band’s jokes haven’t quite reached the levels of Orgo Night (take that as you will), they still managed some pretty decent zingers directed at everyone from Bob Costas to Princeton to PrezBo and his hair. My favorite joke, for pure stupidity, was about how the Olympic sport of Skeleton is really just a contest to see who can look like a skeleton. No, it was not clever. But yes, I still laughed. In fact, there was only one joke that actively rubbed me the wrong way: in comparing Columbia to Sochi, the band noted that, “their pussies riot, whereas our pussies just sneak into the library and lather themselves with raw egg.” The joke earned a few chuckles, but it definitely seemed like a wasted opportunity. I mean, come on – what happened in Butler was ridiculous. Was that really the best they could do? If anyone from the band is reading this, know that I am expecting something hilarious for Orgo Night.

While, by and large, the band’s jokes were definitely funny, the moment that made me laugh for a solid minute was unscripted. During a joke about the untimely death about Philip Seymour Hoffman, a passerby yelled, “that was in bad taste, bud!” before making a speedy getaway up the steps. He was followed by belligerent shouts of “you’re in bad taste!” and “I hope you trip!” In that moment, I realized why the Orgo Night preview was so much fun, despite the cold and despite the hastily-put-together jokes: the band’s relentless spirit. You’re never sure if they’re laughing with you or at you, but their gives-no-fucks attitude makes them the most fun group on campus.

If you want to hear someone yell, “cocks,” on Low Steps, you can watch the whole thing here.

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    Bet they'll find a way to reference this review in the real thing

  2. Gee I really wish the band read bwog

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    Got the Band to Bwog

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