Core Scholars Program: Back In Action

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Is that what the Core looks like?

Not enough Core in your life? Well here’s some more. The Columbia Core Scholars Program is currently accepting submissions for the spring of 2014. The deadline for submission is April 1st, which may seem a long way off, but two weeks ago didn’t midterms also? Check out their website  for inspiration from the archives of past Core Scholars work, or just because they’re amazing. You can also find more specific guidelines and rules (and $200 cash prizes) there, but pretty much anything you can imagine related to the Core will be accepted.

From Kun Oskar Yao, the co-chair of this year’s Columbia Core Scholars:

This year in particular we are looking to expand the range and dynamic of the submissions and would like to encourage artists, writers, engineers, scientists and more to submit a model, project or composition they have been working on which embodies the Columbia Core Curriculum spirit, whether it be Music Humanities, Contemporary Civilizations or Global Core.

You heard him folks. Get those awesome Core projects going, and make them weird.

Warped fabric of Columbia spacetime via Shutterstock

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