Bwoglines: Dystopia Edition

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What is this thing supposed to do again?

What is this thing supposed to do again?

A “religious freedom” bill that permits businesses to discriminate against gay customers lands on the Arizona governor’s desk. (The Columbus Dispatch)

Mayor de Blasio did not want to talk about allegations that his vehicle violated traffic laws. Really, though, just blame it on the chauffeur. (NY Daily News)

Scientists have developed amazing technology to make up even more aware of how rapidly we’re destroying the forest. (The Almagest)

We are truly headed for a world in which everyone wears their phone on their wrist. We’re going to look ridiculous taking calls and bumping our elbows into people on the street. (Android and Me)

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  1. Nope.

    There's no way that wrist phones will work. I, personally, am never actually talking to anyone on the phone again.

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