Overseen: Peculiar Food Presentation

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We all know the food at Ferris can be questionable sometimes, but this is just downright confusing. A perplexed tipster sent us this image of the dessert case:

“Either the Ferris staff don’t understand that two thousand and fourteen is one number or that’s one really old cake…”

The bad part is Bwog still wants a piece

Getting crusty

Later, a Bwogger stopped by UNI Café to discover that they’ve adopted an inventive new marketing strategy:

Because we all just want to emulate Secretary Kerry

The new spokesmodel of UNI


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  1. haha yah  

    the ferris staff is so dumb they don't even know what year it is lol if i was that dumb i would probably work at ferris too haha rite guys

  2. but seriously

    Yo, What kinda sauce you wan'?...


    • omg  

      they are so bitchy about that right?! especially the one lady... I kept telling her it wasn't my pasta and she wouldn't fucking listen! then the person who stepped out of line came back and she looked like an ass. didn't even fucking apologize. fuck the pasta people.

  3. no

    fuck ferris DIG INN IS OPENNNN

  4. preparing for downvotes, going to say it anyway  

    so instead of speaking up to someone at the dining hall about possibly expired food, you send a tip to bwog?? What good does shaming them on the internet do? it just makes students look mean, rather than understanding that sometimes food is forgotten about (be honest, there was probably one time where you accidentally left some milk for a couple days too long in the suite fridge).

  5. yo but  

    is uni cafe's tteokbokki any good

  6. Ferris manager  

    "Bake 2 cakes that say two thousand and fourteen"

  7. Anonymous

    Pretty sure as they were writing 2014 accidentally wrote a 0 in place of the 1. Sorry no white out here. Couldn't throw out an entire cheesecake, right?...

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