A Tailgate Sans Tailgates

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Replace that football with a basketball and you have a partaaaaaay

Replace that football with a basketball and you have a party

Pop some aspirin and hydrate up, kids. CCSC Campus Life will be hosting a tailgate at 12 pm in Pupin Plaza today in honor of the Men’s Basketball game. They’ll be heading over to Dodge at 1:15 to watch the game. Hope you weren’t planning on getting any work done today.

Event organizers made sure to note:

We’ll be GRILLIN’ burgers and hot dogs (emphasis on the WE and the GRILLIN’). There will also be drinks and music, and even be some face-painting too! By the way, it’s all FREE!

Also, Bwog was told that Ben Xue, CCSC’14 Rep has a “license to grill.” Shit is about to get real. See the Facebook event for more information. Happy tailgating…if you know what that means.

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  1. Anonymous  

    i just went to this and it was actually pretty sick!

  2. That Mexican Guy  

    This was so refreshing to see, but I need trucks and beer and misdemeanors to be truly satiated. We need to make this happen more often!

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