Field Notes: The PC (Party Crazy) Edition

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Is that Everclear?

Is that Everclear?

And just when you thought you couldn’t go out without it becoming the front page news of the Huffington Post, Bwog has uncovered a treasure trove of Columbia nightlife experiences. Reach in and grab one. It is probably about 1020.


  • “I  ‘almost got into a fight’ on Saturday night, but actually I just saw some people push each other and scream in front of the public library while I quickly walked away.”
  • “I went downtown to see Cash Cash and I spent all of my cash cash. I guess it’s 1020 from here on out.”
  • “My friend did poorly on a test so we started really early and ended up drinking White Russians and watching a british dating show. We then went to 1020 really early and realized that not having to wait in line is magical.”
  • “Haven’t really drank in about a month, and usually I start feeling tipsy after one drink. Had five whiskey sours and a glass of wine and still couldn’t feel it, so I couldn’t dance very well.”


  • “On Friday, I went to a military ball with an out-of-batteries camera and realized it was maybe the fanciest place I have ever been in my life. Proceeded to down a glass of wine and three whiskey sours.”
  • Vagina monologues were great. Ran into a good chunk of Bwog (Friday night). Decided to have a post-show westside salad. Good times. Also the public safety guy at q house for first Friday (I ran in, tried to say hi to my friend who runs CQA, then ran away as fast as I could) was SO OVER IT.
  • “I witnessed an unfamiliar long haired man cracking about a dozen eggs in my kitchen. That was weird.”
  • “At Bobst now/forever/always.”
  • “My friend came over the last night at like 1 am and made me a brussles sprout grilled cheese with brie and olives and I almost died of happiness.”
  • “Went to a very fancy party for the sailing team at the NYC yacht club (open bars yay). As I crossed Times Square on my way to the club, a man leaned out of a limo and screamed ‘Fuck you and fuck Times Square!’ at a crowd of stupefied tourists. I felt his pain.”


  • “So a bunch of my friends always say they’re going to 5 Lamps? WTF is 5 Lamps? Has anyone ever been to 5 Lamps? I’m very confused. I thought the only bars around Columbia were 1020, the Heights, and Ding Dong Lounge. Oh and Cannons or whatever it’s called.”
  • “I’m reading War and Peace for a class. There’s a character called Berg. I’m to the point where every time I see his name I read ‘Bwog.’”
  • “Olivia Harris had a real happening EC townhouse birthday party on thursday. Also on thursday Newpo had a decent launch party but the wine ran out before the editor stopped playing the guitar.” 
  • “Vagina monologues was happening on friday night.”
  • “Several Editors Emeriti may have gotten drunk and eaten halal on saturday.  s/o to hBob and a real dank jungle juice.”

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    i had sex on thursday

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    i've gone twenty years without sex

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    *correction: It was the New York Yacht Club. Not the "NYC yacht club." NYYC

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