Overseen: JJ’s Poultry

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One unfortunate tipster found a small feather amongst his chicken wings at everyone’s favorite late night eatery. Hey, at least that means the chicken’s fresh.



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  1. anoy  

    that looks like a pigeon wing #JJ'sConspiracy

  2. senior  

    i've never eaten at jj's. and never will.

  3. cockroach

    the other day at jj's ... i was so bleseed to see a cockroach climbin up a wall :)

  4. Anonymous  

    Got food poisoning from eating at JJ's earlier this week. Not going back anytime soon.

  5. CC'16  

    One time I found a toe in my french fries

  6. what

    else did you expect? either suck it up or don't eat it

  7. Anonymous

    Soooo.... you're saying the chicken comes from chickens? Shit.

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