Field Notes: Drink Your Midterms Away

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cheers to the freakin' weekend

Wine is best served spilled.

Tis the season to get wasted. This weekend students everywhere proceeded to down alcohol in copious amounts. Bwog would never endorse drinking irresponsibly, but we sure do love it when you do. Send in your stories to, or use our anonymous tip form.


  • “Bwog staff, Bwog video, and Bwog tech all united at 1020, and it was a beautiful thing.”
  • “Almost went to senior night on Wednesday, but the bouncer was a huge dick and legitimately tried to flag down a cop car to prove that my friend’s ID was fake. Ended up at 1020 instead and I think I agreed to a) go to a rave and b) join a housing group. 1020 on a Wednesday is weird.”
  • “Went to Ding Dong lounge last night and ended up in a hoola hooping battle because for some reason they have hoola hoops. Even drunk, I am a hoola hoop goddess.”
  • “1020 is a lie. No one is here and the line is so long and not moving at all.”
  • “I went to senior night and proceeded to stumble and fumble my body all around the dance floor. Unsurprisingly I had to skip my 8:40am on Thursday.”
  • “Thursday my friend organized an open bar at  Pour House and sloshed was I. So much so that I proceeded to lose my Moncler jacket at Mels so FML.”
  • “Last night John Jay 7 turnup followed by brief stints at Mel’s and… Cannons (sigh my freshman buddies don’t appreciate 1020… Wanted to see an empty bar with a big line.)”


  • “I got back from Dino BBQ at around 1am, slightly wasted.”
  • “As per usual I did not realize how drunk I was and made a complete and utter ass of myself at Tom’s of all places. Apparently I also wandered down Broadway shouting “fuck you” to the world, so that’s good and emotionally healthy.”
  • “Definitely have been drunk via Morton ‘sangria’ before though.”
  • “Tom’s mozzarella sticks don’t sit well in your stomach after a night of drinking.”

Just Some Wine in Your Room

  • “I drank in my room with a friend while we talked about our feelings.”
  • “Spent Friday night drinking wine in Wallach and watching Oscar nominated foreign films, to be fully prepared for Sunday of course.”
  • “We bought ‘wine product’ at Morton Williams because we have no class and we just could stand to walk any further in the cold. Make sure you have a corkscrew because that shit has a real cork. Like it’s trying to compensate for not being real wine.”
  • “Killed a jug of wine at a potluck, js were smoken.”
  • “Omg wine product… Two of my friends and I bought 6-7 bottles of that stuff and drank it thinking it was shitty wine.  We were shocked at how sober we were until we realized the next day we had basically drunk 2 bottles of grape juice each.”

Places You Weren’t Drunk At, But Should Have Been

  • Hackathon: “They had some pretty nice sandwiches.”
  • “Went to Hi-Fi Snock Uptown. It was great! Well-decorated, although the mesh entryway and hanging baby-in-a-chair weren’t really practical. But the bands were surprisingly tolerable, even good, and the vibe was nice. A healthy mix of the usual WBAR and ‘KCR suspects, plus lots of hangers-on.”
  • “Delta Sig was lame last night. Everyone was there, but it just wasn’t that great.”
  • “Spent Thursday stone cold sober hanging out with my very drunk friend who showed up at like 2 am wearing both a swim cap and also a rasta hat. At the same time. He then proceeded to fill swim cap with water, spill it all over my bathroom, and fall asleep on my floor.”
  • “Saturday night I fell asleep on my bed while watching television at around 10pm. I was fully clothed, contacts in, lights on, teeth unbrushed. Getting up at 2am to change was brutal.”
  • “I’m going to call him up in six months and say, ‘Thanks for giving me mouth herpes!'”
  • “Took A LOT of drugs. Sadly, all of them came from the ‘flu’ aisle of Duane Reade :(“

Love Finds a Way (with alcohol): 

“I  finally worked up the nerve to ask a girl I’ve been swooning over out last night – tequila is to thank. She said YES!”

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  1. kcr  

    doesn't have an apostrophe

  2. Anonymous  

    snock was fun :-) a lil silly, a lot fun

  3. JJ7 crew fo lyfe  

    JJ7 keeping the legacy alive! TURN UP.

  4. Brazil Party was Turn Up  

    Shout out to Bruno!!! Shit was live.

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