Columbia Takes the Oscars

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“I have no idea what I’m doing”

Columbia alumni never cease to amaze us.  Turns out that Frozen, the winner of Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song, was written and co-directed by a Columbia Film alumna, Jennifer Lee, ’05.

But that’s not all: 12 Years a Slave, the winner of Best Picture and several other awards, was co-produced by alumna Dede Gardner, CC ’90, and features Devyn Tyler, CC ’13, in the role of adult Margaret Northup.  We are all so proud of these alums and their achievements!

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  1. Anonymous

    Columbia is one of the top schools in Academy Award winners.

  2. this is awesome  

    So great to hear some good news on here once in a while. This actually makes me proud to be a Columbian!

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