ESC: Let’s Make A Marauder’s Map For Butler

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"Why are PrezBo and Mrs. PrezBo in the stacks?"

“Why are PrezBo and Mrs. PrezBo in the stacks?”

ESC met last night and talked about engineering things, as they are wont to do. We sent over a correspondent, as we are wont to do. Our new ESC Bureau Chief Aparajita Maitra reports.

9:30 PM, in the Satow room of Lerner. ESC meeting begins on time. Members of the executive board take turns passing around President Siddhant Bhatt’s iconic red glasses as they each speak. First order of business: announcing the new Bwog writer. I’m immediately put on the spot. What am I majoring in again? Uh oh. An introduction follows and everyone claps. Accepted by the ESC crew? Check.

The real meeting begins. In big news: Lerner charging stations have been vandalized and plugs have been pulled apart—who is the culprit? ESC’s got Sherlock on the case.

Freshman class VP Jonathan Barrios discussed holding a second math competition for high school students on April 5th. Debate ensued over the collaboration with University of Florida in the competition, as one representative believed it could affect Columbia’s image.

Much of the discussion in the meeting was about the Honor Code, which has been written by ESC and is a three-page document in the process of completion. An honor pledge is under consideration to be printed on exams and blue books for students to sign off. (We don’t want to end up like Harvard.)

Do you like CU Dining View? ESC mentioned plans of open data becoming available to students—this time with library information. Making available comprehensive data on how much libraries are being used and how many people are on each floor of Butler is in the process right now. Now Columbia students can continue to spend their lives in the library, just more efficiently.

[The meeting paused for a short break so that ESC members with perfect attendance could get their proper recognition.]

Sustainability Liason Malini Nambiar addressed the Greens Lab initiative. Snaps to ESC for promoting energy and water conservation, waste reduction, and sustainable communication in our labs!

And finally some of what our class councils have planned:


  •  Thursday is their big day: Pajama party with (free) ice cream and class pajamas for sale
  • Hosting a dodgeball tournament for different majors
  • SEAS 150th Anniversary shirts, with help from other councils


  • School of Mines shirts: design in progress, sketches made
  • Sweatshirt distribution with Dunkin Donuts and coffee


  •  Transfer program for NSOP
  • Study break next week on the ramps
  • Class of 2016 formal TBA


  • Working with CCSC to host “Muffin Monday” on March 10th outside of John Jay and Carman lounges
  • Major discovery event at the end of March to talk to alumni and professors

Come to an ESC info session this Friday at 8pm in Lerner 568 if you’re thinking about joining the dark side student council. While you’re at it, check out the SEAS 150th Anniversary website and reminiscence on the glory that was engineering week. ESC will meet every Monday after Spring Break at 9:30 pm in Lerner’s Satow Room—you don’t want to miss out on the fun.

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  1. lol

    This honor code stuff is ridiculous. As long as we're in class with people from Asia, there'll never be any honor in the grading process. What I say is based on fact. South Korea was banned from offering the SAT for a year because of cheating. What other country has that ever happened in? The Chinese steal proprietary secrets like they're going out of style. Top officials from China, Japan, and Korea have been caught for plagiarizing their doctoral theses or outright lying about advanced degrees. An honor code won't change a culture of dishonesty.

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