Facilities Gets Served For Carman Scaffold

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Looks like the Carman scaffolding is more than just an eyesore.  A tip just informed us that the city of New York has issued a partial stop work order against Columbia for the Carman scaffold.  You can see the order, which “shall remain in effect until the Department has issued an order rescinding it,” below for yourself.

Apparently, Columbia has violated Section 3314.2 of the New York City Building Code, which states that scaffolds 40 feet or more in height cannot be installed “until a written permit has been issued by the commissioner.”  Copies of the permit must also be displayed for the public to see.


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  1. for an ivy league university  

    columbia's administration team really needs to get its shit together

  2. lololololol  

    does facilities get fined? can we charge them for endangering our safety, just like they love charging us for trivial things?

  3. Anonymous

    More DeBlasio trying to shut down renovation and progress.

  4. Alum

    This is probably CU's fault, but it could be the fault of a contractor instead.

    • Anonymous

      I am sick and tired of apologists rationalizing Columbia's general shittyness. Quit smelling prez Bos farts long Enough to realize that CU does not care about little things like "ordinances" or "rules" or "courtesy." If it can get away with it it will. Those shifty bastards would step on their own grandmothers for a quarter.

  5. Anonymous

    600 W 113 is where Barnard Freshwoman was killed by a falling lintel in May 1979, sparking the city requirement for contruction scaffolding, which went up all over campus for the next few years and helping Obama flee the rain when he arrived on campus

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