Bwoglines: Cool Things Plus Lindsay Lohan Edition

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shutterstock describes this guy as a hipster, that's how you know this shit's done

yeah this dude is trying way too hard. Patagonia and house slippers all the way

Lindsay Lohan’s getting a show on OWN. So like new life plan for the rest of us? (Vulture)

DC’s hopping on the weed (band)wagon—well, sort of—and voting to legalize possession, but not retail. Get your “rec room” ready. (Washington Post)

Free speech yo: Supreme Court voted yesterday to expand whistleblower protection to company contractors (lawyers, accountants, etc). (NPR)

Rather be dead than cool? Now’s your moment to shine: the hip new move is dressing like your minivan-owning dad, which, let’s be real, was always the move. (NY Mag)

Fuckin hipster via Shutterstock

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  1. Mark  

    DC isn't really legalizing possession, they're just decriminalizing it, which New York State already did a while ago.

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