Bwoglines: Getting By Edition

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chill out and stop tweeting about the guac

It’s going to be okay.

All you Facebook users can stop updating about Chipotle’s guac scandal; it’s going to be okay. Go get your quesarito on, guys. (Slate)

Speaking of Facebook, they might be getting into the drone game. (Wired)

And now that you know what “normcore” is, here’s how to do it right. Chances are, you can start with your mom’s clogs and dad’s khakis. (The Gloss)

You might at some point need to cry publicly in NYC, of course all while dressed like someone out of an episode of Seinfeld, maybe while eating your Chipotle and checking Facebook. Here’s a more comprehensive list, for all your tough days. (NY Mag, Tumblr)

Girl just needs her Chipotle via Shutterstock.

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