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Here's hoping the voting booths have a similar giant button

Here’s hoping the voting booths have a similar giant button

There wasn’t really an overarching theme at Monday’s SGA meeting, but we ended up talking a lot about social media. Bwogger and two-time winner of the “Most Bland Instagram Account” award Lauren Beltrone tells you what you need to know.

Advertising for events is hard. Does anyone really read your flyers? Or, the bigger question at hand, did the people in charge of flyering for the event really do their job? If you went the social media route, was your post clever/pithy/**¡ATTENTION-GRABBING!** enough to warrant the quick read-over? If you want a leg up in getting your event out there, remember that SGA will do some of the dirty work for you! Just email [email protected] for further instructions, and soon your event will be featured on all of the official Barnard SGA social media outlets.

In other news, the reps are planning an extensive campaign to get you to vote for the upcoming SGA elections. They’re even going as far as setting up actual voting booths with laptops logged onto eBear so you don’t forget. Voting will take place April 14th to 18th. Save that date!

The last topic of discussion, which was touched upon last week too, was the “Our Blue” campaign. The first video didn’t show much of Barnard, so SGA brainstormed ways of stepping up our representation. The reps were asked to share things that they feel represent what it means to be a Barnard student. Some suggestions included showing Liz’s Place at peak times, getting close-ups of Barnard’s diverse buildings, and interviewing professors. Expect to see more from this campaign coming out in the near future.

Finally, here’s a little reminder that if you want to hang out with DSpar, the next fireside chat will be happening on March 11th from 7:30 to 8:30 pm. There will be a lottery to attend the event next week.

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