Bwoglines: Survival In The Face Of Insurmountable Challenges Edition

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Bwog dunno wut 2 think of dis guy

We don’t know what to think of this guy.

This young couple in Afghanistan is willing to risk it all to be together. (NYT)

LSD ain’t coke but it’s still one hell of a drug, seeing as it hasn’t been used in a scientific study for about 40 years… until now.  Far out. (Gawker)

Colombia’s former president (no, not Eisenhower) has just been elected to the nation’s Senate.  This may present some problems but at least the dude’s got some persistence. (AJA)

Rob Ford, the extremely troubled mayor of Toronto who has survived a crack-cocaine scandal recently, tweeted his followers a reminder to turn their clocks backward for daylight savings time.  The only problem is that it’s spring forward.  Tbh Bwog isn’t sure if the insurmountable challenge is the crack scandal or daylight savings time. (Mashable, Wikipedia)

And one other thing.  Bwog just stayed up super late writing a long ass paper and wants you to know that you too can survive crack scandals, leftist oppositions, Schedule I substance classification, and ethnic/sectarian differences.  So go get ’em this week, comrades.

A man of fortitude(?) via Wikimedia Commons

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