Bwoglines: Periphrasis Edition

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impress us with your cookie dough impressions, Nabisco

impress us with your cookie dough impressions, Nabisco

It ain’t just JJ’s. Times are hard and restaurants are adapting their menus accordingly… with lizard heads in their salads? (NY Post)

Really good sex but less into the actual relationship part? Follow the wily ways of Juan Pablo and his twelve fail-safe ways to avoid saying those three little words. (NY Mag)

Like your mom and BJ Novak, Obama shops at the Gap. We know it’s calculated to be endearing, but that doesn’t make it any less so. (Gawker)

Cookie dough Oreos are meant to “evoke the mere impression of cookie dough.” Eh, how dangerous can salmonella possibly be? (NY Times)

You thought it was all up from here? Silly you. Bwog’s here to tell you it’s only going to get worse. Ladies (and gents and erryone errywhere), get your bikinis out. It’s tanning season! (NPR)

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  1. oh man  

    you're killing me with that cookie dough pic.

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