Get Well Soon, Rugby Team

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A tipster was scrolling through some documents on a shared desktop and found this mildly interesting roster of injuries to the rugby team. If you were thinking of joining, this might make you reconsider. Bwog modified the roster to remove personally identifying details. Of note:

  • 2/3rds of the active rugby players (not recruits) have been injured/incapacitated since their 2012/2013 season. That’s rough.
  • The most common injury is shoulders, which makes sense because rugby is all about whamming into guys with your shoulders (right?).
  • Number 27 was injured by homework. Same, number 27, same.


“Injury: Homework” sounds very real right now

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  1. what is a broken face?  

    it sounds really painful

  2. Foot bone chip  

    Play rugby, best decision I ever made.

    Myrtle Beach 2k14, no regrets whooooo

  3. '12 Alum  

    Had a bunch of friends on the team. One of my biggest regrets from college is not playing with them because I was scared of a few scratches and bruises. Sucks about the injuries - must have been an unlucky year.

  4. Proud of it  

    Rugby team gave me crabs. Best decision I ever made!

  5. Ex Rugger

    Played rugby for 8 years - 2 of them at CU. Best decision I made freshman year was joining CURFC on day one. Had a few shoulder sprains, and a possible concussion (self medicated with 40s). Only serious injury I've had, that actually kept me away from the pitch for good, was a broken arm from skiing. Shut up bwog.

  6. Anonymous

    its cause columbia doesnt recruit for rugby right? while some of the other schools in the league do? Thats why our team is so little compared to the other teams and why they get injured so much.

  7. Anonymous  

    awesome post.

  8. Anonymous  

    You completely ignore the existence of the women's rugby team. There is not one rugby team.

  9. Rugby '14  

    Broken Face: $3000 in insurance bills, Torn ACL: $4000 in insurance bills, Brotherhood for life gained on the rugby pitch: Priceless

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