Bwoglines: What You Missed Edition

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Bwog eating dining hall food after being away for a week.

Bwog eating dining hall food after being away for a week.

Bwog missed you crazy kids so much that we practically spent all of break crying in misery. Just kidding, Bwog loves vacation. Here are a few shenanigans from both the news and also the Bwog Tips inbox that occurred at the good ol’ Columbia while you were gone.

We love Bwog Video and apparently so do you. Watch this supercut of House of FartsĀ for the stinky delights of the video. (Bwog Tips)

As if the reading load wasn’t already accumulating post-midterms, we can now read former NY Governor David Paterson’s papers from when he was in office (Oneida Daily Dispatch)

Did Gravity really deserve to slay the Oscars? Find out tonight courtesy of CU Ferris Reel Film Society. (Bwog Tips)

Columbia made Obama a dick. (Personal Liberty Digest)

On Friday night, Bwog received a tip saying that there were free hamburgers in Lerner. Another tipper called us a liar and said there weren’t any burgers. Also, apparently Bwog is a “smelly old fart.” (Bwog Tips)

Sweet! Now we can learn online after a whole day of classes! Thanks Columbia! (The Crimson)

You can take Bwog from the campus, but you can’t take the love of squirrels out of Bwog. We found the critter aboveĀ outside of the city. (Bwog Tips)

A squirrely friend via Bwog Tips

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  1. Solidarity

    Columbia made me a dick too. My souls is dark... Very dark

  2. Lol Wayne Allyn Root is an idiot tea-partyer  

    That article is written by one of the most unabashedly dogmatic tea-party alumni of this school. While we all may be arrogant dicks here (hey I'm one right now!) Wayne Allyn Root is a HUGE dick probably compensating for his actual small dick. Seriously, fuck that guy, how can anyone read that smut and call it journalism?

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