Bwoglines: What’s (An)next? Edition

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Remember Remember the 20th of April

Remember Remember the 20th of April

Russia wants the US to know that by convening a G7 summit the US is doing absolutely nothing useful.  US officials respond with “what’s next?” (NYT)

Remember Kony 2012?  Remember the underwear incident? Remember forgetting about Kony 2012? Well some people didn’t, asked what’s next, and now the US just deployed 150 special forces troops to find Joseph Kony. (The Guardian, AJA)

Oil spilled in the ocean near Texas, the what’s next here is sarcastic. (Gawker)

And, on a recent visit to China by First Lady Michelle Obama, China banned all t-shirts in the area that depict President Obama in Mao garb.  In response, we demand Obamao, Obanow!  What’s next for weird foreign policy incidents? (Gawker)

Memories! via Wikimedia Commons

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