Live At Lerner: Tarana

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Just got out of hibernation? Us too.

Just got out of hibernation? Us too.

Less than a week ago, you were lying on a beach in Cancun/helping save the world/eating your mom’s food and powerstreaming Parks and Rec for the fortieth time. Deal with the bewilderment of the real world in the best possible way: with synths and Mediterranean food.

This week, Live At Lerner brings you their tenth Sounds event, aimed at “fighting post-Spring Break blues.” It’ll feature Tarana at noon in the piano lounge, and it’s a band that can only be described as eclectic. Its influences include jazz, juke, disco, and Bollywood — listen to them here — and there’ll be fish, capers, and dessert (amongst other offerings). Basically there’s no reason for you not to be there, barring class nope, still no reason.

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