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In the heat of CCSC campaign madness, the candidates are plastering posters on every available surface. Even the bathroom stalls–the one place you thought was yours. Viv and Ben (CC ’16) have an interesting campaign platform to promote. Although it raises the question: where is the gender equality in this proposal?

Issues that really matter

Urinal headrests, liberty, and justice for all

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  1. Anonymous  

    that's not what begging the question means

  2. Anonamoose  

    I vote for Freedom, Liberty, and Freedom!

  3. Yes

    Finally a campaign that doesnt take themselves seriously. CCSC, what a joke

  4. Vote

    Saaket for president!!! I love you!!

  5. Hahaha  

    This shit's hilarious. Can't wait to see what kind of shit ben and viv pull at the debate

  6. How am I

    Supposed to see these when I'm taking a shit- my back ll be toward them? Not much foresight.

    Hewitt 3

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