Beware: Snakes in the Suites

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We’ve all heard of having a cuddly kitten to sooth our anxiety as a therapy pet, but one Barnard student is taking it a little too far next year. A Bwogger found on the Barnard ResLife portal that students picking into the suite will have a snake as a support animal. Pretty sure we’ll pass on trying to room in that suite.

so many snakes on a plane references could be made

How does that bring you comfort?

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  1. Really  

    Nice bwog! Let's make fun of the kids who need support animals, what fun.

  2. anonymous

    Has bwog not considered that this support animal kid probably to bring comfort and company to a possibly lonely and unstable student? Did bait consider whether a student in need of a support animal would want to be singleded out and publically mocked by jer entire student body?!?! #forshamebwog16156983846

    • grow up

      Is anyone else a little worried by how thin skinned and wussy some college age students are acting? Are people being handled too softly? Is this leaving them ill prepared for when they get to the real world in a few years? Support animals aren't a thing after you graduate; if the apartment you find doesn't allow animals you're not getting an exception. Offended by something belittling to people with psychological conditions? Nobody cares. Annoyed with media because it caters to 'rape culture' or something like that? Zero fucks given. Wish the NY Times would put trigger warnings above headlines? Too bad. Some people here need a reality check. Get thicker skin and learn to cope. Nobody is going to hold your hand through a job interview just because you have anxiety issues. It's time to act like big boys/girls now.

      • Translation  

        "It's a tough world out there, so let's all just be assholes."

        • so dramatic

          Didn't say to be an asshole. Just that getting people used to a level of special treatment that they can't keep for much longer is a bad idea. Going away for college should prepare you for the real world. Nobody wants to end up like that middle age crazy lady who lives in Butler.

  3. anony  

    There is a snake living there and spoiler alert its my penis

  4. Anonymous  

    In all seriousness though, I question the value of a snake as a support animal. Like I for one would not want to live near this person (and her snake). What if she sets the snake loose?!?!

  5. Ranger Rick  

    Non-venomous snakes are harmless, low-maintenance animals that don't make noise.

    I'd rather my neighbor have a snake than a "cuddly kitten," that meows, poops, pees, leaves fur everywhere, and brings fleas into the building.

    But hey, let's just not think, and instead have fun judging the weirdo snake owner who's dealing with psychological issues, right? Way to make people feel welcome.

  6. Blunts in Butler  

    Is a vaporizer a support animal?

  7. Wow

    I know this girl and she is a sweetheart. Take down this post.

  8. Anonymous  

    Bwog this is out of line why would you publicly humiliate this person...

  9. Badger Badger Badger Badger

    I don't see the big deal.

  10. this is not journalism  

    hey bwog, why aren't you covering campus elections? thanks for being such a reliable source of substance!

  11. Anonymous


    Why is there no "trigger warning: support animals" notice at the start of this post? So insensative.

    #ShameOnBWOG #Tears

  12. '14  

    Guys Bwog didn't post the name of the girl, how are they publicly shaming her?

  13. CC'15  

    I have a therapy animal and it's not to "bring me comfort" or "sooth (sic) my anxiety" but because I have a manic depressive disorder and my animal makes my life just that little bit more bearable. I don't think this post is okay and I think it's appalling that you published the location. I know this is supposed to be funny but it's hard to cope with having our support systems trivialized. Who are you to judge what makes us okay? Who are you to judge what "brings us comfort?"

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