Julianne Moore On Campus

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The filming on College Walk and Broadway between 116th and 117th today is for Still Alice. According to IMDB, it’s based on a novel by the same name about a (Columbia?) professor who discovers she’s suffering from Alzheimer’s, and co-stars Kristen Stewart and Alec Baldwin.

Please send your stealth pics of the celebs to [email protected] so we can all bask in their glory.

Also, throwback to when KStew was on campus last semester.

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  1. sad alum who loved 30 rock but

    i see this woman's face and i think "I'll try, wicked haahhd, yah cahh is ovah thayuh"

  2. Dr. Lecter  

    Hello, Clarice.

  3. Dat picture of her being cold  

    Excellent meme material. 'sall I'm sayin.

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