Speedy Columbian Takes Crime Into Own Hands

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fitness kicks ass!

fitness kicks ass!

According to the New York Post, an unnamed Columbia runner apprehended his own aggressor when a secondhand ticket deal went awry. The student purchased two tickets to a Sweet Sixteen NCAA tournament game for $210 off a Craiglist advertisement, but when he met the salesman outside Madison Square Garden the scam artist took his cash and bolted.

What followed can only be described as an epic foot race chase ranging over 20 blocks through the streets of Manhattan. The native Columbian finally ran him down and, with the help of an unnamed sidekick spontaneous vigilante assistant,  managed to subdue him until the police arrived.

The scammer is now in custody, but the heroes didn’t come out totally unscathed as the runner’s 39-year-old deputy allegedly suffered a bite from the Craigslist swindler. The New York Post caught up with our impetuous b-ball fan/speed demon in time to get a statement on his impulsive heroics.

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  1. Anonymous

    "The native Columbian"

  2. Black Runner

    Took him 20 blocks?... he's white...

  3. anony  

    They call him LionMan!

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