2014 Housing Coverage, Day Two

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After yesterday’s day full of very lucky seniors with very low lottery numbers, today is about to get a little more… interesting. We’re going to be camped out here all day to give you up-to-date Housing coverage, answers to your questions, and awesome stickers. We’re also probably going to eat a lot of free candy, but that’s besides the point. Feel free to ask anything that’s on your mind in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer.

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  1. Numbers?

    About how many groups/people will be choosing their housing today?

  2. Anonymous  

    These Frank Underwood comments are spot on!

  3. Anonymous  

    So what are the numbers exactly quantifying? Is it how many groups picked that room type (ie 3 groups picked 3-person suites in Claremont, ergo 3 is listed next to 3-person Claremont suites) or how many rooms of that type are left?

  4. hmph.  

    A great man once said, everything is about sex. Except Housing. Housing is about power.

  5. Anonymous

    So the comic sans thing is still happening....

  6. anonypuss  

    Any seniors want to regroup with me and select in the mcbain shaft? Hot girls only

  7. wowww  

    mixed point groups are seriously fucked. what's with all the seniors taking doubles in EC this year??

  8. #fuckkkkkkkkkkked

    Yeah wait seriously we're a 5-person mixed point group with a shitty lottery number... what are we supposed to do? Just drop to online selection?

    • basically  

      if you get to in-person selection and there are no more 5-person groups left, that's literally the only thing you can do; since you're a mixed point group you cant regroup. the good news is you keep your lottery number, so you'll at least be picking at the same time (so you can pick rooms near each other)... but yeah that's your only option :/ sorry bruh

  9. A desperate 26 pointer

    Is left wondering where are the housing gods at a time like this

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