Bwoglines: The World Is A Pit Of Despair Edition

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(Abject) despair

There was a fatal shooting at Fort Hood in Texas yesterday, leaving four dead, including the shooter, and fourteen injured. This is the same exact location of another shooting that occurred in 2009. (Slate)

GM recalls your car. Again. (The Economist)

The fast food chains are waging war on each other — and your body — with lots of syrup, ambiguous egg textures, and sausages in every form. (Slate)

Because you’ve just been asking what it’s like to be the personal assistant to a celebrity. (NY Mag)

Could you get by on a low-wage (read: minimum wage, most likely) job? Probably not. (Slate)

What did Kwasi Enin write that got him into Yale? (NY Mag)

Not quite the actual Pit of Despair, but rather, facade of the Duomo via Shutterstock.

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