2014 Housing Coverage, Day Four

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Another day, another Game of Thrones character advising you on where to live. Welcome to Day Four of Housing! We’re going to be camped out here all day to give you up-to-date Housing coverage, answers to your questions, and awesome stickers. We’re also probably going to eat a lot of free candy, but that’s besides the point. Feel free to ask anything that’s on your mind in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer.

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  1. What the fuck  

    is this liveblog? In three pages of posts there are maybe 4-5 mentions of housing and an endless circlejerk of Game of Thrones references. It would be really helpful to actually update numbers and shit. A dead rat could tell me more about how housing is going than this live blog is currently telling me.

    • Woah there lil horsey

      I mean, you could probably thank them for doing it in the first place. They don't have to be sitting there for you/you could get off your lazy ass and go look in the lounge yourself.

      And also, everyone knows second day of juniors is usually just kids dropping down to regroup/look at the spreadsheet. Not a lot was taken today.


  2. Interested  

    Just wondering (because I tend to trust you all more) but why are your numbers so radically different from Spec's at this point?

    Also, the one thing I like about Spec's numbers is that they have (if you click on the room type) what room numbers they think are left - I say think because it would seem their numbers are already very wrong. Could you guys do this too? Or is it impossible?

    Thanks for your coverage ;)

  3. Kings of Mcbain

    Room 325; lotto number 2802. We won housing.

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