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In case you forgot...

In case you forgot…

In the ongoing controversy regarding the Barnard College administration’s removal of the banner that SJP hoisted on the façade of Barnard Hall, many student organizations have spoken up in response, including J Street CU, LionPac, SGB, Columbia Turath, SGAABC, and now the Governing Board at Barnard. GBB’s statement:

The mission of The Governing Board at Barnard (GBB) is to uphold the values of Barnard College by promoting the personal and intellectual development of students as leaders. We hold GBB clubs and their members to the high expectations of Barnard College: rigorous standards, self-awareness, holistic learning, and social accountability. Reflective of the Barnard mission statement, GBB believes that participation and leadership in student clubs will empower students “to achieve the personal strength that will enable them to meet the challenges they will encounter throughout their lives.” We strive to provide a strong sense of community and dedication to student life on Barnard’s campus.

GBB was made aware of the situation surrounding C-SJP’s banner that was displayed on Barnard Hall and the decision by the administration to have the banner removed. As a governing board dedicated to the enhancement of our community through club programming, we fully support every group’s right to advertise and share their events with the entire community. We hope that our community will remain respectful in their response to this situation and remember that the use of Barnard Hall as a banner space is a courtesy. GBB will work closely with the administration to find an alternative prominent space for student group event advertising on campus. We welcome all club insight and suggestion moving forward.

Sam Marc

Jasmine Leoung

Eliza Taylor

Valerie Hwa

Christine Rosenblatt

Rosie Deng

Therese Chen

Fatima Koli

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  1. finally, wisdom!

    our school's youngest governing board with our school's sanest statement!

    yes, every group has the right to advertise, no, that doesn't extend to the ability to post inflammatory and hateful messages in the banner space.

    way to go GBB!

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