Overseen: Pooped in Pupin

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This poor girl collapsed on a rather uncomfortable looking bench just inside Pupin’s front doors. The red coat is reminiscent of Little Red Riding Hood, but judging by her head placement she’s going to be out for a while, so Sleeping Beauty is probably a more appropriate analogous fairy tale.¬†Enjoy that bench and get some, probably much deserved, rest.

There aren't any wolves in Pupin right?

There aren’t any wolves in Pupin right?

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  1. sweet dreams  

    i can't judge. I've definitely been in this same position before. all science-y/math majors know that the struggle is real in pupin.

  2. wtf  

    is wrong with you? Stop taking pictures of people without their knowledge

  3. Stop  

    posting pictures of people without their permission, BWOG!
    Bad habit, bad journalism.

  4. Kevin Fedora

    Bwig, if you ever post a pic of me sleeping in a library or whatever, I will poop in that day's Spec and mail it to all of you or just email a picture of it to all of you. Good day, sirs and madaams.

  5. a narcoleptic

    Is Pupin where I should study? Sleep just happens, man, just give me like 15 minutes. Usually I get hassled everywhere else - "You can't sleep here, sir." So being able to lie down on a bench like that would make Pupin the land of milk and honey. Milk and honey makes me sleepy though, so bye.

  6. uh  

    i came here expecting a picture of actual poop on the floor of pupin



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