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Tyranny is bad democracy is good and America is on top!

This week’s update: tyranny is bad, democracy is good and America is on top but watch out for China!

Today begins India’s elections, what will be the word’s largest democratic vote.  Democracy is, like, really cool. (NYT)

The State Department lost $6b and can’t really say where it went.  Bureaucracy, it makes mistakes. (Gawker)

Jeb Bush said in an interview on Fox News yesterday that crossing the border illegally can be “an act of love.”  Some American conservatives were angry. (Al-Jazeera America)

Speaking of immigration, the New York Times just published a report finding that two thirds of all deportations out of the United States were for minor offenses like traffic violations by people with no criminal record.  I guess sometimes America isn’t the best :/ (NYT)

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