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The Student Affairs Committee of the University Senate just announced its two new co-chairs for the 2014-2015 academic year—a law student (and CC alum) and a B-School student. Matthew Chou, CC ’14, and Akshay Shah, SEAS ’14, have served for the past year as co-chairs. You can read the press release and the platform they ran on below.

Read their SAC Co-Chair Platform here.

NEW YORK, April 7, 2013 – Last Friday, the Student Affairs Committee (SAC) of the Columbia University Senate elected two of its senators, Zila Acosta (LAW ’15, CC ’11) and Will Zvara (BUS ’15), to serve as co-chairs in the next academic year. In their capacities as chairs, Zila and Will will set SAC’s agenda, lead the student senator caucus, and serve as two of the 13 members of the Senate Executive Committee.



SAC comprises the 25-elected student senators and observers within the Columbia University Senate. As a committee of the University Senate, SAC serves not as a student government, but as a “first among equals” of student representative organizations, being the only body that comprehensively represents 36,000 students across all 20 constituent and affiliated schools of Columbia University. With its broad mandate and unique position, SAC takes an active role in university governance.

“We are truly honored to have been chosen by our peers to lead SAC next year. Both of us have been so impressed by the talent, energy, and leadership demonstrated by each senator on our committee over the past year, and SAC has continued to be an effective advocate for students as a result. That being said, we know that we still have important work ahead of us, and we will build on the successes of this year by empowering each senator to be an effective force for change across the University,” said Will and Zila in a joint statement.


About the Columbia University Senate

The Columbia University Senate is the university-wide legislative and policy-making body at Columbia University. It is mandated to consider all matters affecting more than one school, or those of the entire university. The Senate is composed of 108 elected and appointed members, representing faculty, students, administration, staff, alumni, and research officers. The Senate was established in 1969. More information about the Senate is available at senate.columbia.edu.

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  1. anon  

    really wish student leaders would SAC up rather than format their resumes.

    oh and fuck matt chou

  2. One thing is for certain

    the Quality of Life at Columbia will improve significantly with Matt Chou gone. Have fun at McKinesy, Matt - OH WAIT....

    • LOL

      I wouldn't cry for Matt. He may not be going to McKinsey, but he is going to Bain Capital.

      You're probably going to be a starving hipster barista in Brooklyn. Fight the man!!!

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