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Get weird y'all

Get weird y’all

This Columbia Life—enticingly nebulous description below—will be holding and recording a live storytelling event for students to share their Columbia/NYC/strange stories from 8 pm to 10 pm this Thursday in 501 Dodge.

Here’s a blurb straight from This Columbia Life:

Looking for a chance to spin a story about Columbia, from your deadliest deadline to serendipity on the subway, and all those Nussbaum bagels in between? This Columbia Life, WKCR’s storytelling program in the making, is hosting an open mic this Thursday, April 10 from 8-10pm in 501 Dodge—a one-time opportunity to bring the magic of radio outside the station. Help us explore the theme of what it means to be a Columbia student through first-person narratives, music, and sound! Mundane, monumental, moist, musky, we’re looking for TRUE. Sign up at the door or email [email protected] to secure a spot! Or just show up on Thursday to hear your friends and classmates steal the mic. All are welcome.

The program urges you to “imagine you captured ‘Columbia’ in a jar,” (a Nutella jar?) “and opened it up.  What would it sound like?” through an hour-long talk radio program.

Program founders Diana Guyton, CC ’14 and Mahima Chablani, CC ’14, are reviving the original This Columbia Life broadcast from 2012.  The broadcast is still available online here.

All interested students are encouraged to come to the open mic event this Thursday.  You can also email [email protected] to set up a time to talk if you can’t make it and are still interested.  So go forth and share your outrageous stories and anecdotes.

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  1. Anonymous

    This place fucking sucks. If you are still in high school, do not go here. It is a shit hole. They are not out to help you here. The culture here creates a shit environment. All this talk about wellness is a move to cover their own asses. Experiment — go ask the person screaming loudest about wellness for a break and watch what happens. That person will be the first to kick you in the balls and shit down your throat. In the event that an asteroid collides with earth, I hope it smashes directly into Lerner hall. Fuck. this. place.

  2. grammar police  

    *share YOUR outrageous stories

    please and thank you.

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