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Barnard Drops Everyone’s Classes

"Barnard deleted all my classes." Excuse me?

“Barnard deleted all my classes.” Excuse me?

Ten minutes ago, a tipster sent Bwog this alarming email:

My Barnard deleted almost all classes from students’ schedules. They have to re-enroll. This is the WORST.

According to everyone attending Barnard who’s complaining on Facebook right now, it’s true — they had a “computer malfunction.” Students of less popular classes should have no problem recreating their schedules. But if you were in a full class, you should probably get on myBarnard right now before the class fills up again. BCIT silently fixed the problem, and schedules are back.

Bwog has reached out to Barnard College IT for comment, and will update this post if we hear back.

Update (11:09 am): This is what shows up when students log into myBarnard:

Gotta love those 1990s graphics.

Update (11:16 am): In what might’ve been the shortest IT-related panic ever, myBarnard is now fixed. No word on what happened to registration changes made in the interim, though.

Update (1:14 pm): After reaching out to BCIT for comment, Bwog received this statement from Barnard PR:

The program-filing system experienced a technical glitch this morning, and as a result some previously registered courses were no longer visible to students and advisers in myBarnard for a period of time. At this point, all missing classes have been restored using the system’s back-up file. Program-filing remains on hold while BCIT is conducting a thorough investigation that will help them understand the issue and prevent it from happening again. Students will be able to resume registering for classes once BCIT is finished troubleshooting, which should be later today.

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  • millie says:

    @millie It’s happening – the Adropcalypse

  • T says:

    @T …classes are still on my schedule on MyBarnard. No malfunction here. Apparently it’s fixed?…or this post is a cruel joke.

  • Tipster says:

    @Tipster I emailed them about an hour ago, and they fixed it.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous My classes are there but I can’t add any? Idk Barnard what are you doing.

  • basic says:

    @basic guys this happens sometimes it always comes back stop freaking out.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous it’s broken again.

  • fcccckkkkk says:

    @fcccckkkkk my classes disappeared
    then returned
    then disappeared again

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous they don’t even go here!

    …JK I <3 all y'all Barnard folks. Hope your schedules work out :)

  • As a Barnard student... says:

    @As a Barnard student... this didn’t even happen. It was probably only a few students.

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