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CCSC met for the first time in full last night and the wrap-up is brought to you by our cardinal CCSC correspondent, Joe Milholland. 

Sunday night’s Columbia College Student Council meeting was the first with the Class of 2018 and the Sandwich Ambassador, so President Peter Bailinson asked all members to introduce themselves and say what they had for dinner (University Senator Jared Odessky had a Coke Zero, Class of 2015 President Kareem Carryl had a single fry, Sandwich Ambassador Joshua Burton had stir fry).
After some updates (see below), Class of 2016 Representative Richin Kabra gave a presentation on the Ivy Council, which is an organization that coordinates policy and organizes events around the Ivy Leauge. Kabra has been looking for a head delegate from Columbia for the Ivy Council and brought two applicants, one from CC and one from SEAS, to the attention of the council who have attended Ivy Council events in the past and had good applications. The council discussed their options for a while and decided they would appoint two co-head delegates, one from CC and one from SEAS. They will officially vote on who will be the head delegates online this week.

The council also updated their by-laws, as follows:

  • The Judicial Board for elections will officially be chaired by the senior class council president.
  • A maximum of two Judicial Board members can be challenged (Judicial Board members cannot oppose a challenge about conflict of interest), up from one.
  • Students on the Committee on Global Core and the Committee on Science Instruction will have one year terms, but the council will wait until next week to vote on whether the council as a whole will vet the student candidates for these committees.
  • The council will update the by-laws with Sandwich Ambassador information next year when they have a better idea of what areas the Ambassador works in.


  • According to University Senator Jared Odessky, there will be two town halls, one in October and one in November, about the revisions to the Rules of University Conduct. He is also talking to student groups about the revisions.
  • Bailinson and VP of Policy Sejal Singh went to a roundtable at NYU about sexual assault with student leaders from other schools in the greater NYC area; Valarie Jarrett, the co-chair White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault and adviser to Columbia College Alum Barack Obama; and Tina Tchen, Executive Director of the White House Council on Women and Girls.
  • Vice President of Student and Administrative Services Scott Wright is trying to get a second staircase installed in Ferris.
  • Singh met with Dr. Steward and identified a special emergency health fund that could be used to test Columbia students for learning disabilities, Singh will have more information next week.
  • According to Housing, on the three ceiling collapses last school year, two of the three were accidents that could not have been avoided short of redoing the architecture of the building. The third, in McBain, was from a bad ceiling. Housing then identified 8 dangerous ceilings in McBain and had them replaced.

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