Pool party on College Walk!

Pool party on College Walk!

Even as midterms loom, CCSC champ Joe Milholland dutifully reports on last night’s CCSC meeting.

“I know I’ve got work, but College Days is happening; I can’t miss it,” said CCSC VP of Campus Life Andrew Ren of how he hoped students would react to events at College Days, which he gave a presentation about at Sunday Night’s Columbia College Student Council meeting. College Days is a week-long celebration (from Sunday March 29 to Saturday April 4) of Columbia College and its core curriculum. Ren’s goals are for College Days to be “a single, unified publicity front for the week leading up to Bacchanal” and to be fun. Much of it is still in the works, but Ren shared a broad outline for what he wants at College Days.

Sunday will be Lit Hum day, where Deantini and several prominent CC alumni will give talks. Monday will be Contemporary Civilization day to recognize Columbia’s community service and political activism. CCSC will be partnering with Community Impact, for community service, and CU Dems, CUCR, and Veritas for the political side of things. There will also be a panel with professors. Tuesday, Art Hum day, will focus on “Art of Columbia and around NYC.” Wednesday, Music Hum day, will have musical performances, and possibly a cappellas singing at the sundial between classes. Thursday, the Global Core/Science day, will feature partnerships with multicultural and science/engineering groups. On Friday, the Swim Test day, RC@C will give a presentation to “promote safe, smart, responsible behavior” at Bacchanal. There may also be a pool party. Saturday is Bacchanal.

There will also be some recurring events throughout the week. CCE will do a ‘”Did you know’ Jobs Showcase” with relevant topics at each day, such as featuring music jobs on Music Hum day. There is also a plan to have “Lion Tamers’” – people who ensure that Bacchanal’s rules are followed and that people get medical attention when they need it.

After the presentation, Academic Affairs Rep Grayson Warrick asked about UWriting. Ren admitted he couldn’t think about anything for it, but some council members came up with ideas such as slam poetry or publications giving out their printed materials.

Other Updates from CCSC:

  • There is now a third undergraduate student observer on the Presidential Advisory Committee on Sexual Assault (PACSA).
  • Ren also talked about Homecoming in his presentation. Over the week, students who take pictures of themselves with Columbia’s cheerleaders, or one of the event heads from the four undergrad student councils, and post it to the Spirit Week event page on Facebook will have a chance of winning a prize at the pep rally if they attend it.
  • According to Pre-professional Rep Chris George, “student leaders” receive free membership to Zipcars, and all Columbia College students have to pay only $15, compared to the regular $60 membership fee. Update: The student leaders, including people on  CCSC and ESC, and RAs, are chosen by George based on who he has “knowledge of” on campus.
  • VP of Policy Sejal Singh says “good news is coming” from the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid about financial aid.
  • Executive Director of Housing Joyce Jackson and Student Services Rep Chris Godshall are working on answering “perennial” housing questions, like ones about water outages.
  • VP of Communications Abby Porter is polling students at Bagelpalooza and at crowded areas around campus about the proposed policy to donate alumni frequent flier miles to students.

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