We're frustrated & CCSC knows it

We’re frustrated & CCSC knows it

Things might have gotten a little heated at last night’s CCSC meeting, and the devout Sunday night spectator Joe Milholland is here as always to keep you in the loop. 

In 1999, when VP of Campus Services Scott Wright was touring Columbia, as he looked at Lerner, the new student center, he commented to his tour guide, “I don’t know why you put a spiral staircase for the construction workers because you sure as hell wouldn’t do it for a restaurant.”

As he related this story to the Columbia College Student Council Sunday night, he was also able to announce that a new staircase is coming to Ferris, probably not over winter break, but likely over Spring Break or over summer. Wright, however, is “not exactly sure what they’re going to do” to put in a better staircase.

Wright took several other questions from CCSC. Class of 2015 VP Jackson Tse asked about environmental stewardships. Wright talked about some initiatives students and admins are working on. For example, admins are looking at what’s being recycled in Carman and EC – the two locations, according to Wright, are a “good place to start, at least in terms of bottles” – and 70% of the trash in Carman is recyclable. Wright also talked about his enthusiasm for Green Mondays. “When you eat a steak, you’re eating something like someone’s five year supply of water,” Wright said. He also said meatless Mondays for all of NYC would be equivalent to 98 million trees a year.

Class of 2015 President Kareem Carryl asked about mail services and long wait times at the package center. Wright said that the contract is up for the organization that handles student mail, and the university will potentially get rid of delivering mail. They are also looking at locker alternatives, like Amazon lockers or lockers near EC. Getting rid of delivering mail would increase the load at the package center but offer more space around the ramps at Lerner. Wright did, however, promise the location of packages would be in the subject line of emails next year.

Class of 2016 Representative Sameer Mishra asked about dining. Wright said Dining is looking at keeping dinner places open until 9pm, and opening more places for breakfast. If these happen, they will happen next semester or sooner. As for dining over breaks, Wright said Dining is experimenting with things. They are trying food baskets for Fall break, and, if 200 students sign for a 5-day meal plan for spring break, possibly opening JJ or possibly Ferris during that time.

Wright also addressed the issue of Barnard students in JJ’s Place. As far as admins know, Barnard students have only been able to go into JJ’s this fall. They have no record of Barnard students in JJ’s place before then. Wright wants to let Barnard students in, but financial reasons prevent him fro doing so.

VP of Communications Abby Porter asked Wright about why the tunnel are being closed and if they could be opened in the winter. While the tunnels are not in Wright’s area, he said they are not safe or public walking areas because “they have very low ceilings, very low pipes.”

Class of 2015 President Kareem Carryl asked about taking admin spaces from Lerner to Manhattanville other spa ces on campus as they are cleared to go to Manhattanville. Wright said that was a possibility, and talked about putting health services all in one building. Responding to VP of Policy of Sejal Singh’s question about long waits for CPS, he talked about finding new places for grad students, who make up 50% of the visits to CPS.

At the end of the meeting, Wright emphasized he wants to work with and communicate with students. “I don’t mind being protested,” he said.


  • The USenate will be releasing public agendas for every single committee meeting except the budget committee.
  • CCSC will be sponsoring a mattress on Wednesday, the Carry That Weight Day of Action.
  • President Bailinson and Singh met with Deantini and have “exciting news” in the next week. Singh will also have financial aid news likely before the next CCSC meeting.
  • The Class of 2016 will possibly be partnering with a charity for a year and possibly holding a carnival in Roone Auditorium.
  • From an earlier meeting with Wright, Bailinson learned that admins are putting a ramp in Havemeyer for accesibility, fixing the steps on Butler, and getting a facilities rep for CCSC.
  • Porter is currently polling students about alumni air miles to see “how much of a demand there is for it.”

It’s a hard life being a Columbia student, ok? via Shutterstock