Enjoy treats like this at LKVC

Enjoy treats like this mochi at LKVC

Big things are always shaping up on the Barnard Quad. This week that big thing is the newly formed Legend of Korra Viewing Club, held weekly in the Sulz 8 lounge. Legend of Korra is the offshoot of popular Nickelodeon anime series Avatar: The Last Airbender. As one participant’s mother aptly exclaimed, in reaction to the news via text, “Legend of Korra Viewers is quite a niche group!” It might be niche, but the group’s popularity on campus is growing. To give you a sense of whether you might want to join, Daily Editor and trend-setter Sarah Dahl brings you the highlights of the last (first) meeting.

Barnard first years Kristin Arsenault, Sidney Benich, and Maddy Teller scheduled the first meeting of the Legend of Korra Viewing Club (LKVC) for last Sunday, September 13, between 9:30-11:00 pm.

They posted the event information on the ever looming and infamous Barnard Class of 2019 Facebook group. Word traveled quickly and about two dozen Barnard first years attended the club’s inaugural rendez vous.

“We did NOT expect so many people to show interest,” Maddy said. Looking to the future, she continued, “Now that this is a real(ish) club, I think a good goal for us this semester is to get to know each other better. Right now we’re just a bunch of strangers who like Legend of Korra. Maybe one day we will be friends…”

The hosts served typical ‘bender’ foods from local Asian store m2m, including red bean cakes, bananas, dumplings, mochi, and Oreos. Sidney explained that she, Maddy, and Kristin looked up what types of foods to eat on the Avatar wiki [link].

The meeting began with an icebreaker game in which attendees shared their names, experience with the show, and favorite characters. During the next hour and a half, the group watched the first two episodes of Legend of Korra.

In Episode #1, Korra bids farewell to her parents as she embarks on adult life with her pet dog and no cash—a scenario oddly reminiscent of NSOP, sans Christina Ellsberg.

Ah well, TV can’t mirror real life exactly—that would spoil the fun! Come to the group’s next meeting tomorrow night at 9:30 for more episodes. Kristin said the club will watch three episodes per meeting, but it will take more than a semester to finish the series. So if you’re too busy now, you can jump in later. And if you’re not a BC student, make friends with one on the Facebook page to sign you in.

Colorful mochi via Shutterstock