Fun times at Fashion Week!

Fun times at Fashion Week!

The official New York Fashion Week is almost over but that doesn’t mean it is okay to drop your style game. As far as I’m concerned, Fashion Week is actually 52 weeks long. With hundreds of people walking around the Meatpacking District, Chelsea, and Soho trying to get stopped for their street style, Bwogger Caroline Montgomery is here to tell you how to be the trendiest person on campus.

You can’t just dress well—you must have knowledge of the art form. During Fashion Week designers are displaying their collections for the following season, which means this past week has been a preview of spring and summer 2016 collections. Shows that were showstoppers this week were Givenchy, Public School, Opening Ceremony, Hood by Air, and Rodarte. In the spring you will definitely be seeing silks, Japanese inspired patterns, neutral color blocking, tasseling (not fringe), sheer lace, and metallics. Watch these shows. Peruse these look books. Be inspired.

Chances are you aren’t going to model your outfits directly off of Dao-Yi Chow’s runway, but you can easily substitute to create a similar aesthetic as these fashion powerhouses. Here is what you should be wearing this week:

Wednesday: It’s going to be warm again, but it’s time to put away your cutoffs—school is in session. Upgrade with a pairScreen Shot 2015-09-15 at 12.37.56 PM of mom jeans, mid rise, and hit you just above the ankle bone. On top, layer a white button down. This button down should be sheer-ish and definitely made out of cotton. Don’t be afraid to unbutton one button lower than you usually do. Your color pop should be in your shoes. If you have a pair of red Nike Air Max’s, then you are already ahead of the rest of the class. Put those on immediately. If not, pair with another sneaker. Whether they are New Balances or Asics, this will vamp your outfit from like a 4 to an 8.9.

Thursday: Stick with what is easy. Overalls. Denim overalls made a strong comeback this summer and they have never looked better. A pair of full length overalls and a black turtleneck tank top look rad together. Heeled mules and flat mules are both viable options with this outfit, but they should definitely either be an ivory color or, the color of the year, marsala.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 3.30.28 PMFriday: You might be going out tonight and if you are, why come up with two outfits when you can just
wear one (with the necessary accessory changes)? A black, loose, jersey knit dress, with a pair of short boots for daytime. Later, add a leather cuff, rings, and drape a bomber jacket over your shoulders and you’re Friday night ready.

Saturday/Sunday: Just because you are hungover or plan to spend your day in the library does not give permission to look like the hot mess you are. Put on a graphic tee shirt (extra points if it is a feminist graphic tee), a pair of black, cropped skinny jeans, and a classic pair of Vans and you can pretty much do anything.

If none of this speaks to you, flip through a September issue or feel free to continue to sport what you have been wearing.

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