CU Engineers, develop "fun drones not the bad kind" please!

CU Engineers, develop “fun drones not the bad kind” please!

Bwog staffer Rachel Deal brings you the latest and greatest from this week’s ESC meeting so you lazybones can stay in bed. You owe her one!

Last night’s ESC meeting was a long one-with new council members from the Class of 2019 and extended discussions on improving the CSA and possible changes to Bacchanal, the meeting ran over by 20 minutes (and it came to a close with a mini drone display by Class of 2018 President Vinay Mehta).

VP Policy Meaghan Hurr asked for suggestions on making the CSA better for engineers, and is working closely with CCSC President Ben Makansi and VP Policy Viv Ramakrishnan. Over all, the sentiment in the room was that the CSA doesn’t really know how to deal with engineers–both Mehta and Sustainability Representative Charles Harper suggested the office bring in more engineering-specific advisors. Class of 2019 Representative Aida Lu also wanted the advisors to be more accessible to students, possibly with more drop-in hours.

Hurr also briefly brought up Bacchanal, which turned into an extended discussion about the possibility of priced tickets. Class of 2017 VP Sid Perkins brought up that if Bacchanal were to charge more for tickets, ABC could give more money to other student groups. Multiple members of the council disagreed with this idea, including President Caroline Park, who said she felt uncomfortable considering priced Bacchanal tickets while also trying to push forward with the Food Insecurity Proposal. Class of 2017 President Larry Xiao is still working on rolling out a survey on Bacchanal.


  • President Park said that there are currently 34 students signed up to receive donated meals–26 from GS, 4 from SEAS, and 4 from CC.
  • Park also gave updates on the Sexual Respect Initiative. New students will have to complete the requirement, as will students who didn’t complete the requirement last year. The Office of University Life is also expanding workshop options.
  • The first official Commission on Diversity meeting is on Monday, October 12th.
  • Academic Affairs Representative Luis Rivera says the possibility of an Aerospace minor is being explored. He also said that they are working on possibly standardizing grading.
  • CCE should begin offering practice technical interviews soon.
  • The Class of 2016 council had to move Oktoberfest to next Friday due to the weather, but Lerner Pub will be this upcoming Thursday.
  • The Class of 2018 is working on a Star Wars screening study break for early December.