On Monday night, members of the Barnard and Columbia community gathered to create an artistic farewell tribute to the well-loved (and well-worn) Lehman Library. While doodling on the walls, many students fondly recalled long nights spent in a stress-induced panic before a big assignment. Or just pretending to look studious while secretly texting under the table (that still counts, right?) Either way, many students are sad to see this cherished building go.

Even though the building will still be functional for approximately thirteen more weeks, library staff wanted the student body to begin the grieving process before the building is gone for good. To say goodbye, students gathered to paint the walls on the second floor (and enjoy some free giveaways, of course). Librarians were prepped and ready with paper plates of paint, paintbrushes, and hot drinks. By the the end of the night, there was a wide variety of artistic styles represented. From modern interpretations to serious artistic pieces, this event had it all.

Despite some of the interesting artistic interpretations, this event was a way to celebrate the history of the Barnard, as well as to celebrate where Barnard is going in the future. It was very fitting for the community to gather one last time in the hallowed halls of Barnard Library, surrounded by relics of the past. No artist was turned away (except for people trying to promote their Twitter handles,) and the large space was buzzing with chatter and laughter. Some tears may have been shed (diehard fans are sad to see the building go), but many students know that the spirit of this infamous library lives on. Rest in peace, Barnard Library. You will be missed.