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SGA: Hangin’ With The Homies

All the presidents showed up at this week's SGA meeting--Abe Lincoln was a total homie.

All the presidents showed up at this week’s SGA meeting–Abe Lincoln was a total homie.

SGA was a full house last night. Mary-Kate and Ashley were not there, but the presidents from CCSC, ESC, and GSSC were. SGA hosted and allowed the prezes to update us Barnard Bears on a little bit of what has been happening on the other side of Broadway.

CCSC update:

  • The food insecurity initiatives that Columbia has been implementing are in full swing. The emergency meal fund has been approved by campus life: a student can go to JJ’s Place, ask to speak to the manager on duty, and the manager will supply the student with 6 meal vouchers, no questions asked. The Swipes mobile app is functioning as well, and seems to be successful. Unfortunately, as of now, Barnard students cannot participate, but a change of that policy is in the works.
  • CCSC is looking into changing the student advisory system, updating disability accessibility, and subsidizing senior week tickets.
  • Campus life initiatives are extremely important to CCSC president, Benjamin Makansi (“I’m just trying to bring some light heartedness to student government” read: we’re all just here for a good time TBH). Look out for s’mores on Low steps, a pillow fight in Butler, and a silent disco on the plaza.

ESC update:

  • ESC values community respect and is working on changing some of the sexual respect workshops that are required to be taken by students. There are now workshops tailored towards specific subjects. For example, a workshop for male survivors.
  • The committee is looking to expand possibles minors for SEAS students, because obviously engineers are interested in more than just engineering.
  • ESC loves Pawprint snd wants to make it even better with ID scanners!

GSSC update:

  • Campus life is a huge focus for GSSC. To make the GS students feel welcome on the Columbia campus there are currently several group hangout opportunities in the works, such as a mid-semester rooftop party, mid-semester snacks, and an international student Thanksgiving.
  • GSSC is almost done bring the GS website into the 21st century. It should launch by the end of the month or the beginning of next.
  • GS finance is is all online now!

After updates from CCSC, ESC, and GSSC, SGA threw some updates out there.

  • There is a town hall meeting today about dining at Barnard, from 6-8 pm in the Diana Event Oval with free Thai Market!
  • Barnard emergency meal funds are in the works.
  • More thermoses being given out on Wednesday. Get yours so you too can be eco friendly.
  • The endowment application is still open. Use the Barnard website and join the Facebook event to stay up-to-date.
  • Hit up SGA on social media and you will always know what’s good!

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