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SGA: Sisters Who Snack

If the Seven Sisters were human, Barnard would be the one in the middle.

If the Seven Sisters were human, Barnard would be the one in the middle.

It’s that time again… Bwogger Caroline brings you this week’s SGA report, full of sisterly love.

This week, Angela Beam (the SGA representative for college relations) gave a rundown on the upcoming Seven Sisters Conference. This year, the conference will be held in our ‘hood from November 6th-8th. The Seven Sisters Conference is a yearly event where the Seven Sister schools (can you name all of them??) convene to discuss women’s issues. The conference theme this year is advancement in women’s education. Throughout the weekend there will be workshops and keynote speakers geared toward this theme, as well as a revision of the Seven Sisters constitution (who even knew that existed?). Ultimately, the goal of this sure-to-be-fab weekend is to support, foster, and strengthen the relationship the sisters have. Barnard College, Bryn Mawr College, Mount Holyoke College, Radcliffe College (which is now part of Harvard), Smith College, Vassar College (now co-ed), and Wellesley College will be sending representatives to the conference.

Next, SGA recapped Desserts After Dark. In order to receive a Magnolia cupcake, each student had to complete survey about campus life and SGA. There was an overwhelming response, upwards of 850 students took the survey, and cupcakes were enjoyed by all. The stats collected from the survey showed that the student body likes when SGA uses social media to communicate, 150 meals + 400 points is the favorite meal plan, and most students don’t know the details of Barnard’s Title IX policy.

Representative updates:

  • SGA is looking to get student artwork shown in dorms to beautify the dorms as well as showcase Barnard’s artists. Not that the RA art isn’t nice and all….
  • Is there soon to be a Humans of Barnard??
  • Senior sweaters are out and the first shipment is due to arrive before Thanksgiving break. Be sure to order one!
  • Senior formal is December 3rd (Time and place TBA).
  • The Fireside Chat with DSpar application is open until November 3rd.
  • The endowment proposal application has been extended to December 6th. Apply, apply, apply!
  • As always like, follow, tweet, and snap SGA on social media! ‘Cause thats how you get to hear what’s good from SGA, remember?

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