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SGA: Post-Thanksgiving News

Lord/SGA have mercy on our post-Thanksgiving souls...

Lord/SGA have mercy on our post-Thanksgiving souls…

Barnard Bearoness, Caroline Montgomery, made her way to the second floor of the Diana Center to sit in on the SGA meeting. Unfortunately no one brought any leftover pie, but the reps certainly brought some Barnard College updates.   

Still full from Thanksgiving, SGA had a short agenda for last night.

During the open floor segment, No Red Tape arrived to ask for SGA’s support on their petition for a safer Columbia. No Red Tape’s petition is directed at Columbia administration, but the organization feels that it will be more successful in gaining support across the street with SGA’s backing. The need for a petition requesting a safer sexual community can’t really be overstated, but a few of the points that No Red Tape made to SGA were as follows:

  • The adjudication process that Columbia uses matters to Barnard students because perpetrators of assault that go to Columbia will be tried under the College, even if the victim is a Barnard student
  • Improved resources for survivors that apply to both Barnard students and Columbia Students are needed
  • The changes that No Red Tape are petitioning for have to do with Barnard’s core values, and thus should be supported by the College

SGA hasn’t yet released a statement as to whether they will be supporting No Red Tape’s petition or not.

  • SGA has several positions to fill for the upcoming semesters. The applications for Vice President of CommunicationsUniversity Senator, and Representative for Sustainable Initiatives are open. VP of Communications deadline is December 5th at 11:59 pm and University Senator and Rep for Sustainable Initiatives deadline is December 7th at 11:59 pm. Apply to get involved!
  • There is a new feature on the SGA website! The tab called “Campus Happenings” as been added! Check here to stay up to date on what is going on around Barnard.
  • Barnard’s emergency meal plan intuitive is now open. You can donate you unused points to a student in need until December 7th using this Google Form. Starting December 10th students in need will be able to access points by visiting the Student Life Office. SGA described this intuitive as a pilot program to gauge interest and will continue to develop and improve the emergency meal plan. 
  • Finally, go see Rosie Rios, the Treasurer of the United States, speak about the $10 bill with a woman on it! The event will be held in the Diana Event Oval at 6 pm tonight. 

Have a great week Barnard Bears and Columbia Lions!

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