The CCSC meeting outlines probably look something like this

The CCSC meeting outlines probably look something like this

Apparently, it’s not too late to make New Year’s Resolutions – or, at least, it’s not too late to announce them at a CCSC board meeting.  CCSC is determined as ever to do hard work and accomplish important tasks, even in the face of last weekend’s blizzard, and Bwogger Joe Milholland is determined as ever to report on them.

Columbia College Student President Benjamin Makansi was absent from Sunday night’s CCSC general body meeting, as he had a job interview in Madison, Wisconsin.

In his stead, VP of Policy Vivek Ramakrishnan lead the meeting. After proposing to impeach Makansi, Ramakrishnan asked each of the council members present who were not on the executive board about their single goal for the semester. Ramakrishnan said he wanted to ensure that CCSC members were not getting distracted by mutual projects.

CCSC’s Goals:

Class of 2016 Council

  • 2016 President Saaket Pradhan – Clearing up how UEM charges student groups
  • 2016 VP Charles Sanky – Improving who Columbia technology deals with events
  • 2016 Rep Amy Li – Ensuring a student project grant gets funding
  • 2016 Rep Anna Broadbent – Heading Art Hum day for College Days
  • 2016 Rep Allie Levine – Heading the swim test day, which will focus on seniors, for College Days

Class of 2017 Council

  • 2017 President Ravi Sinha – Getting a new student study space
  • 2017 Rep Josh Sudman – An alumni event for juniors, potentially located at BoSchwo. As part of the Policy Committee, he wants to subsidize student events for low-income students
  • 2017 Rep Sheila Alexander – Re-structuring town halls
  • 2017 Rep Leah Hays – Working on the 2017 Winter Carnival

Class of 2018 Council

  • 2018 VP Lani Allen – Get shadow declaring of majors for freshman and implement a freshman survey
  • 2018 Rep Sosa Omorogbe – Working on CCSC bonding, as part of her work on the Communications Committee
  • 2018 Rep Heloise Taillet – Ensuring the Rising Voice grant is completed as part of her work on the Finance Committee
  • 2018 Rep Nathan Rosin – Making a list of the top 5 or 10 student events each week as an alternative to UEM’s calendar as part of her work on the Communications Committee

Class of 2019 Council

  • 2019 President Josh Schenk – Working on peer connect, a way for admissions to contact incoming freshmen
  • 2019 VP Sophie Broadbent – Managing music hum day for College Days
  • 2019 Rep Sam Safari – Extending pass/fail to global core and the science requirement
  • 2019 Rep Adam Resheft – Working on the capital investment fund, which gives student groups large sums of money for long-term expenses
  • 2019 Rep Katie Cooke – Promoting CCSC’s Facebook page, focusing on photography during CCSC-sponsored events, and doing other outreach projects as part of the Communications Committee

Other Reps

  • Student Services Rep Matthew Forrest – Changing the printing quota from weekly to semesterly
  • Alumni Affairs Rep Daniel Liss – Using alumni to put more employers on campus
  • Pre-professional Rep Chris George – Buying padfolios and then loaning them to students via CCE
  • Academic Affair Rep Nicole Allicock – Ensuring information that should be on Virgil (like text book information) is actually on Virgil
  • Sandwich Ambassador Kaitlyn Loftus – Looking at where student life fees allocated to athletics go (she’s doing this as part of her work on the Finance Committee, not as a Sandwich Ambassador)

The university senators were not required to state their goals, but Marc Heinrich said he wanted to work on the student space initiative and Sean Ryan said he wanted to create the list of 5 most important issues facing Columbia College to bring to Deantini.


  • According to Sean Ryan, Student Conduct and Community Standards (SCCS) – which oversees deans’ discipline and student disciplinary boards – is potentially seeking student input on an advisory level.
  • Josh Sudman is CCSC’s new class of 2017 Rep.
  • According to Pradham, Columbia College’s graduation speaker will be announced soon.
  • The Campus Life Committee is planning a Valentine’s Day party.

Some relateable resolutions via Wikimedia Commons